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    Panama City

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    Panama is the dream destination for thousands of people around the world. We're talking about the second-fastest-growing economy in Latin America, according to the World Economic Forum.

    Indeed, Panama's economic indicators are very encouraging for investing, starting your own business, or buying real estate.

    In fact, since the opening of the canal in 1914, Panama has been an important commercial and strategic hub for businesses.

    In our country, financial and legal services, manufacturing companies, tourism, and a vast commercial offering complement the country's economic activity.

    Let's also remember that Panama's robust economy is based on the US dollar, which is the country's official currency, facilitating price understanding and exchanges for visitors and foreign residents.

    On the other hand, we are also one of the safest countries in Central America.


    In this context, Panama City is a thriving and cosmopolitan metropolis, with cheerful, fun-loving, high-level professionals, well-prepared and hardworking individuals who lead prosperous businesses; a capital framed by the Pacific Ocean and the aforementioned Panama Canal; an urban center amidst the tropics.

    Panama City is actually three cities in one: a historic district, a rebuilt district, and very modern areas.

    In this vibrant and dynamic place, multiple nationalities live together harmoniously, having come to work and ultimately choosing to stay in our nation, contributing to the architectural richness, gastronomy, music, art, and culture.

    If you're considering investing in Panama City or need the legal services we offer at Candanedo Correa, contact us. We're here to serve you.


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