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    We provide professional and effective advice to protect your rights and reputation.

    All workers and all companies - from small family companies to multinational corporations - often face labor conflicts, which have such diverse causes that can either originate in a misunderstanding and friction between employees or a disagreement with the employer, such as with situations of administrative convenience, productivity or performance. It will always be important to identify and reduce the possible causes of labor disputes, and to seek and implement effective solutions to prevent the problem from reaching critical situations and spreading to other workers.

    In order to resolve the controversy, the participation of a mediator versed in labor disputes will often be required. Other times, when the problem is complex and reaches the judicial stages, it will require the intervention of a professional specialized in Labor Law.

    In Candanedo Correa, we have specialists in Labor Law. We offer employers and workers complete professional advice in the drafting of contracts, labor litigation, dismissals, work permits, among others.

    We also provide advice to companies on the effective management of employee relations, resolve queries, give recommendations and deal with litigation in the workplace.

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