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    Corporate, Commercial and Contracts Law

    Corporate and Commercial Law: Comprehensive Advice and Legal Representation.

    Daily, as part of our everyday life, all citizens conduct business relationships, from the simple purchase of a good or a service to complex corporate transactions. In spite of the fact that, in principle, they may seem simple and each of these relations is regulated by an endless number of international conventions, laws, decrees, jurisprudence and even customs, which are constantly evolving, due to the changing nature of trade. Each branch of Commercial Law has relations of dependence to others, linked to entrepreneurs, companies, customers, workers, profits, obligations with the State, etc.

    The dynamic of the business world demands that the lawyers - who are bound to know the law, the jurisprudence and the executors - become jurists, legal professionals capable of being aware of the latest legal developments.

    In Candanedo Correa, we are specialists, prepared to provide legal representation and advice in the areas of Corporate, Commercial and Contracts Law. We accompany you in Corporate Law, the incorporation of anonymous societies, foundations of private interest, trusts, negotiation and drafting of contracts, protection of assets and other activities that derive from the development of corporate business.

    Candanedo Correa is a law firm that has a team of specialized professionals, highly qualified and with extensive experience, who work under the principles of ethics, integrity, honesty, and the responsibility which allows them to provide a personalized, effective and timely response to our clients.

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