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    Administrative Processes

    Free your time, simplify your procedures. Experts in administrative management in Panama.

    Panama offers a wide range of opportunities for business development, in areas as interesting as real estate development, tourism, commerce, industry, agriculture... but, of course, each activity demands the fulfillment of particular requirements. The investor must comply with a series of procedures in ministries and municipalities, and sometimes also in autonomous and semi-autonomous entities, to create the company, sign the contract, obtain the patents, fulfill the obligations of tariffs and taxes, etc.

    Permits are required that can be complicated or annoying, which can distract the entrepreneur and take time out of their main occupations. But there are also companies, like ours, that can advise or accompany you throughout the process so that you see your company working on all engines.

    In Candanedo Correa, we offer our clients comprehensive advice in the administrative field. We represent our clients in their procedures in the State and its numerous agencies, including Municipal, Provincial, Ministries, autonomous or semi-autonomous entities.

    We process licenses and permits, registrations, certificates, registrations, concessions and petitions, trademark registration and regulatory law, including the electricity and telecommunications areas. Our lawyers and our support team put at your disposal their knowledge and experience so that your business project advances through firm and safe steps towards the business success that the investor seeks.

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