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    Work Permit Visas

    In connection with your application for immigration and work permit procedures, you may apply for a temporary residence permit as a worker hired by a company under the Marrakesh Agreement.

    The company must have at least three (3) employees and no more than nine (9) Panamanian workers in total, in order to hire one (1) foreigner on the Social Security payroll under the Marrakesh Agreement.

    This type of permit grants temporary residence for one (1) year, extendable five (5) times, in total it would be six (6) years, after this time the status must be changed, since it does not grant definitive permanence.

    Every year, the renewal must be done until completing six (6) years with its respective work permit.

    We are pleased to detail the requirements, expenses, fees, and processing time to carry out the procedures according to the Marrakech agreement.

    The requirements to apply for a work permit visa are:

    1. Certified or cashier's check in the amount of US$.250.00 in favor of the National Treasury.
    2. Certified or cashier's check in the amount of US$ 800.00 in favor of the National Immigration Service.
    3. Copy of all original passport pages, with a minimum validity of six (6) months.
    4. Nine (9) passport size photographs.
    5. Letter of responsibility on company letterhead in favor of the employee.
    6. Certificate of criminal record of the applicant from his/her country of origin, apostilled or authenticated through the Panamanian Consulate in his/her country of origin.
    7. Four (4) copies of the employment contract, the minimum salary is USD.1000.00. (we make it).
    8. Photocopy of the company's Notice of Operation.
    9. Certificate of Public Registry of the company (we request them).
    10. Special power of attorney of the legal representative of the company in favor of the attorney and the employee.
    11. Photocopy of the last payroll of the Social Security Fund, where the Panamanian and the worker is registered as a foreigner.
    12. National income tax clearance of the company.
    13. Copy of social security card.
    14. Copy of a utility bill showing your (worker's) address.

    Approximate costs:

    The expenses to apply for this type of permit amount to one thousand four hundred dollars (US$ 1400.00) for each person, which includes the costs of the processing and work permit cards and the checks that must be consigned to migration described in points 1 and 2 of this quotation.

    Estimated expenses must be paid in full together with the initial credit memo.


    The fees for obtaining the residence and work permit are for the sum of ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS (US$ 1500.00) plus 7%ITBMS. 50% is paid at the beginning of the process with the signing of the powers of attorney and the other 50% at the end of the process with the Resolution that grants the temporary residence for one year.

    Duration of the procedure:

    The approximate time of five (5) months. During the time that the permit and the residency are being processed, Migration grants a processing card for 6 months.

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