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    Your strategic ally in the resolution of commercial disputes.

    In the commercial field, it is not strange that conflicts arise between people and companies that can degenerate into a dispute out of proportion, and even lead to litigation, in addition to being long, litigation can also be expensive and annoying. Sometimes, however, mediation and conciliation are insufficient, and there is no alternative but to file a complaint so that a judge will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the terms established in international agreements and national laws, according to formalities designed for judicial proceedings.

    It will dependably be vital to employ a lawyer that is knowledgeable about the scope of the laws, and experienced in solving this type of conflict, but the importance is bigger when you resort to the alternative of litigation because there are laws, civil procedures and formalities, which demand knowledge and specialized work.

    In Candanedo Correa, we seek mediation and conciliation, settlements, extrajudicial and transactions, in the handling of conflicts; but we also have the professional training and experience necessary to provide our timely advice and support in disputes that are heard in Panamanian courts.

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