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    Visa for Agricultural Investors

    In relation to the migratory procedures to apply for a residence in our country through an Agricultural Investor Visa, we are pleased to detail the requirements, expenses, fees and processing time to carry them out.

    The foreigner who has personally invested the minimum amount of sixty thousand balboas (B/.60,000.00) in the agricultural or aquaculture industry may apply. Said activities will be determined in items that the Ministry of Agricultural Development considers of national interest. The Permit will be for biannual periods up to a total of six (6) years. To include dependent must add the investment of five hundred balboas (B/.500.00) for each dependent, which can be justified by local bank reference.

    The requirements to apply for an Agricultural Investor Visa are as follows:

    1. Complete copy of the passport apostilled or authenticated.
    2. Apostilled or authenticated national criminal record check, valid for 6 months.
    3. Marriage or birth certificate in case of dependents.
    4. Five (5) passport size photos.
    5. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification detailing the total amount invested and that the capital belongs to the investor (we can assist in obtaining the certification).
    6. Copy of the Certification of the Registro Único Agropecuario with details of the registration number, list, activity carried out on the farm and its location.
    7. Certificate of Public Registry of the property or lease contract.
    8. Proof of direct investment in agricultural or aquaculture activities, for a minimum of B/.60,000.00, which can be demonstrated with documents such as:
      • Bank Certification of funds or payment (required).
      • Audited Financial Statements.
      • Commercial invoices of purchases and sales.
      • Documents or vouchers for the import or purchase of supplies or equipment.

    Note: All documents coming from abroad must be apostilled or authenticated. If your police record is not clean, it is necessary to request a “Visto Bueno” or Special Request prior to applying for a visa. The visa application fee is $500 plus 7% service tax plus possible processing fees.


    The expenses for the residency as an agricultural investor amount to the sum of One Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($1,300.00) per applicant.


    1. The fees for obtaining the Agrarian Investor Visa are $1,700.00 plus 7% service tax per principal applicant and $800.00 plus 7% service tax per dependent, which must be paid 50% plus 7% service tax with the signing of the Power of Attorney plus the total expenses at the beginning of the process, and the other 50% at the end of the process with the obtaining of the provisional residency valid for one year.
    2. The fee for obtaining the Single Agricultural Registry Certification is $500.00, plus 7% service tax, plus the estimated expenses which are estimated to be $100.00.


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