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    Capital Bank, INC.

    Panamanian capital bank with 7 years of operations in Panama. We provide, for the David branch, the service of elaboration of the credit facilities contracts that they celebrate with their clients, giving the complete service, from the elaboration of the contract, until its inscription in the Public Registry. Additionally, we provide commercial advice.

    LG Goldring

    It is a consulting firm dedicated to financial consulting, and offers its services of Outsourced Financial Management, or external Financial Management, dedicated to companies that due to their volume can not hire a full-time CFO.

    For them we successfully provide commercial and corporate legal advisory services.

    Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Agricultura de Chiriquí

    For the Chamber of Commerce we provide the service of contract review, contract drafting, as well as commercial and corporate legal advice, acting as a permanent ad honorem advisor for this trade association.

    Centro Clamp

    It is an Integral Neurological Diagnostic Center, integrated by Dr. Ericka Muñoz, Pediatric Neurologist and Dr. Ismenia Castillero, Physiatrist, as well as an integral team of psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and special teachers, which seeks to treat children's neurological problems, including autism, as well as other children's deficiencies such as language deficiencies, literacy, among others. We provide for the center the service of commercial and corporate legal advice.

    Altos del Terronal

    The company Central de Metales, S.A., is dedicated to the construction of single-family houses, being its flagship project the Residential Altos del Terronal.

    Review: We are dedicated to the business of urban development and construction of the residential ALTOS DEL TERRONAL, which are high-cost housing, divided into 3 stages, of which currently developing the first stage of the project.

    We provide for them the service of elaboration of their deeds of sale, from the preparation of the minutes, until its registration in the Public Registry.

    Additionally, we provide legal advice on real estate, commercial and corporate matters.

    Prestige Panama Realty

    It is part of the Fung Group and is the real estate brokerage firm with the largest presence in the province of Chiriqui.

    We give to this company and the companies of the Fung Group, advice in the commercial and corporate field, as well as the elaboration of contracts, as well as other procedures.

    Aceros Monge

    Costa Rican company established in Chiriqui since 2015, dedicated to the commercialization of steel throughout the Republic of Panama.  Since 2015, we have provided corporate, commercial, labor and immigration consulting services.

    Celsia Centroamérica

    Celsia Centroamerica is an electricity generation company that belongs to Grupo Argos in Colombia.  It owns different hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants in the Republic of Panama.

    We provide commercial and corporate advisory services in the purchase of real estate, and serve as legal advisors for the company's power generation plants in the province of Chiriqui.

    Juan Valdez Café

    The JUAN VALDEZ CAFÉ franchise is the Colombian coffee brand and has a network of coffee shops in Panama City operated by its franchisee J. V. PANAMÁ, S.A., to whom we provide commercial, corporate and labor advisory services, as well as the drafting of contracts related to the company's operations in Panama.