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    Expert advice for obtaining Panamanian nationality.

    Panama offers a wide range of opportunities for business development, in areas as interesting as real estate development, tourism, commerce, industry, agriculture... but, of course, each activity demands the fulfillment of particular requirements. The investor must comply with a series of procedures in ministries and municipalities, and sometimes also in autonomous and semi-autonomous entities, to create the company, sign the contract, obtain the patents, fulfill the obligations of tariffs and taxes, etc.Thanks to its fair territory, the political and investment climate, the kindness of its people ... Panama is an attractive country that invites foreigners to stay, to obtain Panamanian nationality through naturalization.

    In order to achieve this, it is necessary to comply with a series of legal provisions and procedures that may be complex for the ordinary citizen, in addition to extensive, due to the participation of various State entities, including the distinction of an execute by the President of the Republic.

    If you are a citizen of Spanish origin or come from a Latin American country, you already have an advantage because you do not require a visa to enter the country. Among other requirements, you must begin the procedures of permanent residence, then - five years after you’ve obtained it, or three years after you’ve obtained it, if one of your children was born in Panama – you may opt for naturalization.

    Candanedo Correa has an experienced team of lawyers ready to provide support. We offer advice and assistance in immigration matters, visa processing, legalization of the immigration status of foreigners wishing to establish their residence in the Republic of Panama and obtaining Panamanian nationality through naturalization.

    We offer legal advice regarding the procedures and presentation of documents in the Department of Migration and Naturalization, so that you can enjoy this beautiful Central American country as a full citizen.

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