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    Friendly Countries Visa

    The requirements to apply for a friendly country visa are:

    1. Five (5) passport size photos.
    2. A copy of each page of the passport notarized (we make the copies and take them to the notary).
    3. Police record issued in your country of origin duly Apostilled or legalized before the Panamanian consulate in your country. Apostille is preferable.

    NOTE: If you have a police record, you must request a “Visto Bueno” from Immigration in order to apply for a visa.

    Immigration will evaluate your record and decide if it is suitable or not to be used in your residency application.

    1. Document or evidence of the need to have permanent residence in the Republic of Panama:
      • Investment in a property which must have a minimum value of $200 thousand dollars. This purchase can be made through a corporation or private interest foundation.
      • A time deposit in a Panamanian bank for a minimum of $200 thousand dollars.
      • For work reasons.

    In case of applying for work reasons, you must have:

      • Letter of employment on letterhead, signed by the legal representative of the employer, certifying the position, salary and commitment to assume the repatriation expenses.
      • Certificate of the Public Registry of Panama of the employer company.
      • Notice of Operations of the employing company.
      • Processing before the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development of the work permit authorizing the applicant to work in the national territory.
    1. An authenticated copy of an additional identification in your country of origin, such as your driver's license, or any other official document from your country that identifies you (we will take it to the notary).
    2. Marriage Certificate duly apostilled, if applicable with spouse as dependent.
    3. Children's birth certificate, if applying as a dependent.

    We prefer the authentication of documents issued abroad to be Apostilled, since authentication before the Consulate implies that these documents must comply with an additional requirement of authentication before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Panama City, which naturally implies additional time and costs.


    The process begins at the Migration offices. Upon presentation of the complete requirements together with the visa application, Migration will issue a provisional visa in process card, this card will be valid for six months, while they study your application. It should be noted that the provisional card will include a multiple entry visa so that you can leave and enter the country during the process.

    In those six months, Immigration will issue a Resolution approving or denying your application. To notify us of this, we will need your passport and provisional ID. We will take care of this in Panama City.

    In the case of a positive result, you will have to go again to the Migration offices for the issuance of a temporary residence card for two years.

    Note: After two years of temporary residency, you must apply for permanent residency at the National Immigration Service. 

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