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    Idaira Rivera

    13 December, 2016 / irivera@ccabogados.com

    Graduated from the University of Panama, School of Law and Political Sciences, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Sciences in 2000, within the Sigma Lambda Honor Chapter. She began her professional career in the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Province of Chiriqui in 2000, serving as Labor Conciliator and later as Labor Public Defender of the Region of Chiriqui – Bocas del Toro during the period 2001- 2006. She worked as a professor at the Universidad Abierta y a Distancia de Panamá (UNADP), during the years 2003-2004, teaching in different areas of law.

    She currently focuses her professional activity in the areas of Labor, Commercial, Administrative, Insurance, Civil Litigation and Criminal Proceedings.