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Visas for foreigners in Panama

Panama is a safe and welcoming country that offers a wide range of opportunities to immigrants and investors. Fulfil the requirements may be easier than it seems if the interested party has the support of a skilled and trustworthy law firm.

Part of the dynamic a firm like ours provide to benefit visa applicants is the assistance offered by the National Migration Service Office and the Ministry of Labor of David, Chiriqui.

Unlike what happens in Panama City, where there is an intense activity attending large numbers of applicants -not excluding the long lines and waiting periods- in David the workload is lower and the attention is more personalized

A strategic advantage

With this advantage in our favor, in CC Abogados we start the immigration procedures in David and then take the final procedures to the capital through a strategic alliance.

In the city of Panama, we have the services of Ana Patricia Caballero Méndez, a lawyer with 15 years of experience in Immigration Law.

In Panama, the immigration procedures require the participation of Panamanian lawyers specialized in the area of ​​immigration and visa application. Immigration laws are diverse but they all are aimed at improving the environment and favoring the national economy through foreign investment.

In that sense, Candanedo Correa Abogados, a law firm based in the city of David, Chiriqui, offer foreigners interested in incorporating a company or investing in Panama the assistance and procedure management to obtain:

  • Residence and work permits for qualified personnel or specials permits for foreign workers hired to perform specific tasks or for a specific period of time.
  • Residence and temporary work permits for companies that have at least 3 and a maximum of 9 Panamanian workers.
  • Residence and work permits as nationals of specific countries where workers are not hired within the legal percentages but they must be affiliated to the Social Security Fund and have a contract to obtain the respective work permit.
  • Residence and work permits in accordance with the provisions of the Panama-Italy Agreement for workers doesn’t count within the legal percentages, so they do not affect the hiring of other foreigners.
  • Residence permits for the staff of Multinational Companies Headquarters without limits for hiring foreigners.
  • Residence and work permits for people married with Panamanian nationals.
  • Residence permits for employees’ dependents (spouses, children and parents) by checking the family tie.
  • Residence and work permits as a Professional Foreigner.
  • Special residence permits for being in Free Trade Zones.
  • Own Economic Solvency Permits for Investors of Big Companies, Real Estate or Fixed Term Contracts. This permit is aimed to owners of companies that do not go directly to work in them.
  • Temporary residence permits for domestic employees of business owners or collaborators.
  • Residence permits for retired people or retired tourists of a foreign company or government.
  • Temporary residence permits for students.

At CC Abogados we are prepared to provide you with the most complete advisory service, support and assistance in the procedures of the aforementioned visas and others contemplated in Panamanian labor and migratory laws.

We are at your disposal, give us a call!