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Regulatory compliance services

It’s Geographical location, infrastructure development, incentives and political and economic stability, among other factors, make Panama a country full of opportunities for investors from all over the world.

This pro-business environment, which generates trust, is supported in a legal framework that establishes regulatory obligations to non-financial obligated parties according to the particular characteristics of their activity or organization.

Aiming each activity to be carried out with transparency, the regulatory framework includes sanctions in case of violating laws and regulations due ignorance or omissions that may affect the interests of the State and constitute a risk for organizations.

Strategic and technical solutions

Non-financial entities subjected to obligations (companies of the Colon Free Zone, gambling, real estate brokers and companies focused on construction, cash-in transit and commercialization of metals and precious stones, among others) can prevent reputational damage and avoid fines with an appropriate management approach and robust compliance structures.

They should strengthen the compliance programs and adopt solutions from a strategic and technical perspective by using tools that allow them to anticipate and manage the regulations that the company must comply with. Because of all that, it is indispensable:

  • Prepare an inventory of regulations to identify the regulations and deadlines that the company must comply with.
  • Identify the levels of coverage of the obligations, noncompliance situation risks and compliance controls to establish a structure that keeps the processes up-to-date.
  • Design a compliance office, for all levels of the organization and business policies, which is responsible for managing the inventory of regulations, establish the necessary controls, guide the groups involved and issue guidelines in order to achieve better performance.
  • Implement a control and protection model against risk factor, using technological tools that contribute to comply with regulations and, at the same time, increase the productivity of the company.
  • Prepare an official operations manual applicable to each of the executives and collaborators of the company.

Regulatory compliance is a complex obligation which requires the support of qualified lawyers and we are here to help you with that. In Candanedo Correa we are specialists, ready to provide you with legal representation and advice in Corporate, Commercial and Contracts Law related issues.

We advise and get you through your regulatory obligations as well as in the incorporation of companies, private interest foundations, trusts, negotiation and drafting of contracts, asset protection and other activities that derive from the development of the corporate business.

Our law firm has extensive experience and works under the strictest principles and values ​​of honesty, responsibility and transparency to provide a full service in David and Boquete, province of Chiriqui, and Santiago, in the province of Veraguas.

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