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    CANDANEDO CORREA offers legal representation and advice in various areas of law:

    Administrative Proceedings Lawyers
    Panama offers a wide range of opportunities for business development, in areas as interesting as real estate development, tourism, commerce, industry, agriculture...
    Migration Lawyers
    Thanks to its fair territory, the political and investment climate, the kindness of its people ... Panama is an attractive country that invites foreigners to stay...
    Labor Law Attorneys
    All workers and all companies - from small family companies to multinational corporations - often face labor conflicts, which have such diverse causes...
    Tax Law Attorneys
    One of the activities that worries entrepreneurs and professionals the most has to do with tax obligations, not so much for the money that should turn for the State for the profits...
    Real Estate Advisory
    Because of its strategic location, business dynamics, natural resources and the stability of its economy, Panama is a country of enormous appeal for real estate investments.
    Insurance Lawyers
    The Panamanian economic model, with its abundant, intense and promising business activity, has a special regime of protection for consumers and insurance brokers.
    Litigation Lawyers
    In the commercial field, it is not strange that conflicts arise between people and companies that can degenerate into a dispute out of proportion, and even lead to litigation...
    Commercial, Corporate and Contract Law Attorneys
    Daily, as part of our everyday life, all citizens conduct business relationships, from the simple purchase of a good or a service to complex corporate transactions.